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All natural chai tea instant powder
Fragrant and rich, our Chai Blend is bolder than any chai you’ve had before. Our chai's sweet spices are combined with the earthy goodness of matcha and the robust flavor of black tea, making one unforgettable cup of tea.
• Comes in a 2 oz. reusable, recyclable metal bottle
• Makes 60 servings or more, depending on the strength you prefer (8 oz. each)
• 100% natural ingredients: natural chai flavor, black tea tea powder, Japanese matcha powder
• 0 grams of sugar, carbs and calories
Caffeine Content: approx. 17 mg

Our Chai tea delivers the familiar spice you've come to expect from a chai, but it has an added boost of matcha to further enrich the flavor. Though you may have only recently heard about matcha, there’s nothing new about this special tea. Matcha dates back to ancient Japanese tea ceremonies. Matcha tea is the green tea leaf milled into a fine, silky powder and it offers even more benefits than a cup of regular green tea. It has be

Chai Tea Powder


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