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In the summer of 2006, my daughter Danielle learned how to crochet over flip-flops. She went over and under the straps so fast, my eyes couldn’t keep up with her hand motions. She made  flip-flops with different colored yarns for her friends and family. I realized what a great idea! You can select  both the yarn color and the style of flip-flop.

We went to the store and bought an assortment of rubber and bamboo  flip-flops to begin making them in various colors and designs.   We were delighted by the outcome of our creations!  Since you can wear Flippie Slippies® inside the house, as slippers or outside as flip flops, Danielle decided to call them  Flippie Slippies®.   Flippie Slippies®  keep your toes warm when you step out of the bath or shower, too.   Flippie Slippies ®  are ideal for going  outside to get the newspaper or even taking the dog for a walk.  Flippie Slippies®  are two  shoes in one. This is how it all began.

Danielle has always been very creative.  As Danielle’s mother, I took  her creativity to the next level and began this business venture. Since childhood,  Danielle had dreams and goals to become a fashion designer. We’re looking forward to watching her aspirations unfold.

After graduating from Boston University with a B.A. Visual Arts and an M.A. in Education, Danielle decided to become a  high school art teacher  She continues to make decisions on the designs and color combinations for the Flippie Slippies®  to suit each customer's satisfaction.

Hand-Crocheted with Love,
Leslie Dinstman
DBD Designs, LLC

Image of Leslie Dinstman & Danielle, Pezzel



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Custom Flip Flops for Toddler Boys, Toddler Girls, Teens, and Ladies...Flippie Slippies®. Sandals for Toddler Boys, Toddler Girls, Teens, and Ladies. We also feature Packit® Bags that keep your food cold up to 10 hours!